Your car is subject to daily abuse from Mother Nature, pollution, road grime dirt combination that with time will dull and roughen your exterior finish. At Dream Look Auto Detailing we have the right tools & technology to make your vehicle look as good as new with our range of Exterior services to choose from.

Exterior Auto Detailing Services

We start the exterior process by degreasing  & cleaning your wheels, tires, wheel wells. Degreasing of engine is separate (see Engine Detail below) We then wash the body of the vehicle with a delicate Microfiber Mitt (to avoid scratching) and then towel dry with microfiber towel. We then proceed by using a Clay bar treatment to ensure that other contaminants are removed from the clear coat surface, enabling the waxes and polymer paint sealants to bond better and last longer.   


 Exterior Wash Service:  starting at Car/ Crossover $119,  SUV/ Truck $129,  Van $139

  •  Complete wash & dry
  •  Wipe down door jams & seals
  •  Clean exterior windows & mirrors ( Window cleaner spray - Very pleasant smell loved by customers!)
  •  Degrease/ scrub clean wheels and tires
  •  Apply tire dressing to bring out that great tire look 
  •  UV Protection dressing to trim and plastics 
  •  Wax added in soap 

 Exterior Wash, Buff & Polish & Sealant :  starting at Car/ Crossover $309, SUV/ Truck $329, Van $339

  • Complete wash & dry
  • Wipe down door jams & seals
  • Clean exterior windows & mirrors ( Window cleaner spray - Very pleasant smell loved by customers!)
  • Degrease/ scrub clean wheels and tires
  • Apply tire dressing to bring out that great tire look 
  • UV Protection dressing to trim and plastics   
  • Clay bar treatment -  removes harmful containment's deep inside paint for a cleaner smooth finish.

  •        Buffing - Using our special Orbital buffer & pads with high quality compound to remove those unwanted swirl, webbing, & light scratches.
  •     High quality Polish - to give that like new vehicle shine! ( Machine applied DA orbital.) - $109 dollar value
  • Polymer Paint Sealant - Better than Wax! - Seals & protects from UV rays from the sun. Brings out that beautiful, brilliant shiny look you will love! 1 year protection.                              


Engine Cleaning Detailing Service: starting at $69

We recommend having your Engine detailed every few months.

  • The engine compartment is the most overlooked area of your vehicle to be cleaned & degreased. If this is looking dirty, grimy and oily it’s probably time to have this serviced. Mechanics treat cars relative to how your car has been kept up to the point they start to work on it. A dirty engine (and exterior look) for many mechanics is a sign of a non-particular customer.
  • A clean engine reveals any problem areas of an engine when leaks of any kind occur such as oil or coolant leaks. Dirt by nature will degrade anything and everything within your engine bay.

Polymer Paint Sealant –$79

This sealant protects your paint for 1 Year. The paint sealant reduces surface tension and protects from ultraviolet rays from the sun and acid rain which can harm and dull out the finish of your car. This sealant will give your vehicle a shine and smooth to the touch silky feeling!

Machine Polishing paint surface –Starting at $109

Your car is machined buffed using our High quality polish to give that like new vehicle shine! By machine polishing your car this will greatly improve the look of your paint and bring out that shiny luster look you once had. This will greatly enhance the surface gloss for your sealant or wax protection.

Compound - Light scratch & Swirl removal: Starting at $199

If you have light scratches, swirls, webbing or oxidation that are in the clear coat surface and need them to come out, this service is what you are looking for. Using our special Orbital buffer with a durable Compound solution, our technicians work hard to get that great look back again for you. After we compound the surface a machine Polish will be needed to bring back out that brilliant shiny look on your paint.

Headlight Restoration Service: starting at $69

Have your headlight lenses become discolored or dull due to oxidation? This is primarily due to UV light and other environmental factors such as road debris impact (small stones, sand, etc.) and exposure to other chemicals. Over time the protective hard-coat breaks down with UV degradation and wear from abrasion, etc. If left untreated the headlights will eventually develop small surface cracks. Our skilled people can restore your headlights back to like new condition.

• This delicate process is done by wet sanding by hand & polishing techniques to bring back the shine and luster it once had.

    Bug Removal: starting at $29

Those Pesky Bugs!!! ​ We all hate those awful bugs that splatter on our vehicle, especially on the windshield area where we need to see through! If you have tried to remove this yourself it can be a frustrating and timely process. We have a powerful formulated product that we apply by hand that can remove this.

If these bugs aren't removed from your vehicle quickly and remain on your vehicle for a long period of time, it can actually damage your paint leaving a marring area. This damaged area's can only be corrected by buffing/polishing it.

Tar Removal: starting at $29

Getting road Tar on your vehicle can be very upsetting! It is very hard to get away from it since their are road building & maintenance happening around us almost on a daily basis. With our high quality chemicals & a little elbow grease we at Dream look Auto detailing can happily get this removed for you. 

***Due to the fact we cannot see your vehicle until arrival, all prices are subject to change based on condition and size of the vehicle *** 

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